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Supporting Children's 




through Supervision, Consultation & Education


Shore Play Therapy

My name is Malia L. Segal (she/her), the owner of Shore Play Therapy LLC. I am a children's therapist (LCSW-NJ & RPT-S) as well as a provider of quality education, supervision, coaching and workshops for:

  • mental health clinicians

  • educators at every level

  • parents of kids ages 3 - 18

There is infinite value in seeking & acquiring information, free of judgment or shame. There's no ONE right way to be a kid, a parent, a teacher or a therapist. If there's something specific you'd like to see offered, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email. I am happy to collaborate with you & your team. 

Supervision & Consultation

Local & Distance Sessions Available

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Malia meets New Jersey ASWB board requirements to supervise and sign off on consistent & committed supervisees' hours, but can also help aspiring play therapists across the United States who are looking to provide mental health support to children and their families.

Established and experienced professionals will also find value in an hour of consultation with Malia on difficult cases involving children of most ages and presenting problems. 


How has Malia & her approach impacted children across environments; home, school, friends?

Erich A.

"After about 4 months of play therapy sessions, our child began to use the self-regulation skills that Malia modeled during their sessions together. We saw less meltdowns and heard more 'belly breaths'. My wife & I also learned how to step into our 'parenting power' with Malia's support & guidance."

Helen R.

"Malia helped my child reduce their anxiety, and increased confidence in new & challenging situations. I received so many compliments about how much more polite and regulated they were."

Chris F.

"Malia has a true passion for student mental health services, enhancing self-awareness, reducing challenging student behavior & increasing adult understanding of the 'why' behind the things that drive us teachers mad!"


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