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1:1 Coaching

Integrating & Making Meaning of Life's Challenges

using The Demartini Method®


My Experience with The Demartini Method®

As the child of an adoptee and raised by my maternal adoptive grandparents, I came into this world with a lot of repressed stories. I often felt out of place, confused and as if I was on my own to figure the hard sh*t out. My career led me to explore specific clinical  trainings in my pursuit to support children on their own complex journeys. This was also my subconscious wisdom driving me toward better self understanding. On this path, I was introduced to Dr. John F. Demartini and his powerful work resonated with me almost immediately. Doing the method enhanced my understanding of my habits, the things I avoided, and while I'd been engaging in years of therapy, the Demartini Method significantly accelerated my progress of integrating my challenging experiences and confidently listening to my inner wisdom.


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The Demartini Method here

1:1 Coaching is for you if:

you’re looking for support with your goals and seeking an alternative approach to traditional psychotherapy. 

Common Goals of Coaching Clients Include:

  • Enhance professional pursuits

  • Dissolve insecurity and perfectionism

  • Release long-standing anger or resentment

  • Overcome ADHD/ADD symptoms 

  • Clarify purpose in life/work

  • Improve relationships

  • Integrate grief and loss

  • Decrease shame, guilt and self-doubt 


In coaching sessions, I utilize the Demartini Method®, a powerful question-based tool that takes individuals from resentment, dissatisfaction and stagnation to gratitude, clarity and action.

Demartini Sessions typically last 75-90 minutes and can be purchased on a weekly or monthly basis. With virtual scheduling options, I can accommodate many schedules, just ask! 


It’s important that individuals who want to book coaching sessions understand and acknowledge that these Demartini Method sessions do not constitute therapy and do not fall under the state or professional board guidelines for ethics and standards of practice. However I pride myself on treating those I work with and for, with the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism and welcome direct feedback about our work together. This also means that these sessions are not covered by your health insurance plan.

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Ready to Explore?

We'll have the opportunity to meet over zoom and discuss your goals of sessions.

Rates & scheduling will be reviewed.

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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