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Mental Health Retreat Consulting

Enhance Your Retreat Experience

Unruly Retreat

Malia offers a unique and novel service for those looking to level up and enhance their participants' experiences at retreats.

As a therapist who loves to travel, Malia understands the dynamic unfolding at your events; solo travelers looking to restore or maintain their sense of self, friends looking to connect with each other and make new lasting relationships. 

Because many retreats provide opportunities for participants to explore their inner world, this also requires psychological safety or what Dr. Stephen Porges coins as neuroception and which can be enhanced by co-regulation, or what many of us know as self-soothing.

Malia's Mental Health Retreat Consulting allows the retreat directors focus on their presentations and facilitation, while participants can soak up and integrate their retreat experience. 

Retreat Activities that Necessitate Mental Health Support

If you're reading this, your wellness retreat has at least one therapeutic component.

Common elements include

 journaling to promote self-reflection, body movement to evoke connection to self, or breath work/meditation to strengthen mindfulness practices.

As a result, attendees can experience emotional flooding, avoidance of activities, or a detachment or dissociation from self and others. 

My presence at your retreat is to mingle among the attendees and use my attunement skills as a therapist to help your attendees get back into regulation.

Malia Offers...

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