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Play & Wellness


photo credit: FindOrionPhotography

Malia sees child clients at a dynamic group practice in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. If you are a parent looking for therapy services, click the button below!

Play therapy and it's core skills and principles are such powerful tools when supporting kids from toddlers to teens. 

The competent play therapist builds awareness, helping children 'see' the impact of their actions and behaviors. 

This competency shows up in the play therapist's work with parents & teachers too: we help you understand the "Why" behind behaviors & interactions and give you tools to support your own mental state so you can show up and be present for whatever is thrown at you...literally or figuratively!  

Educators: You have such an important, but time-limited role in young peoples' lives! Keep up the great work and don't forget to rest!

Parents & Caregivers: The stress that comes with raising children can't be overstated. I hope the resources provided here ease the burden.

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